Fogolar Furlan Function Center in Felixstow Adelaide
About Us

Entrance gates to centre

The Fogolar Furlan was established in 1958 by an enthusiastic migrant community who was emphatically determined to maintain their heritage, in an environment that was alien to their cultural experiences.

The Friulan people migrated to Australia from Friuli Venezia Giulia, a unique region cradled in the north eastern corner of Italy. The strongest manifestation of Friulan identity is its dialect that is classified as a Romance language, deriving directly from Latin.

The region is influenced by its literature, traditions, fine wines and gastronomic delicacies. Another tradition that is retained as symbolic of Friulan family and community life is the 'fogolar', the hearth, which not only provided warmth, but also served as a focal point where important decisions were made.

The Fogolar Furlan Club has benefited not only the Friulan community by offering a means of maintaining its unique heritage, but also society at large by the propagation of its customs.